Only It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Could Get Away With a Coming-Out Story Like This | 11/7/2018 | Malcolm Venable
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We already knew Mac (Rob McElhenney) of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is gay. We had an inkling seasons ago when he hooked up with some gay Christians — and we definitely knew last season when he came out after trying to pass this thing off as an exercise bike. But in the last episode of Season 13, Mac, out and proud and newly ripped, decided it was time time to come out to his father too, making for a bizarre, preposterous, hilarious and ever-so-sentimental coming-out story that only It's Always Sunny could pull off.

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Traditionally, TV shows treat coming out to parents with some degree of reverence. As in real life, people on TV who tell their parents they're gay, bisexual, ****, transgender or queer know they risk rejection, being kicked out of the house and even violence, which is why television shows almost always portray coming out to a parent as a big deal, even in comedies. Not here. It's probably not surprising that "Mac Finds His Pride" is full of ridiculous horrors; Mac only came out to his friends in the first place so he could keep a lottery ticket after being called an F-bomb. So no, it's not particularly shocking that Mac's coming out to his father is preceded by Frank (Danny DeVito), Dee (Kaitlin Olson) and Charlie (Charlie Day) — Dennis (Glenn Howerton) isn't in the episode — employing worn-out cliches about gay expression, like the expectation that Mac will jiggle shirtless on a Pride float, or the idea that he'd enjoy going to a fetish club where men in leather get being spanked or suspended from slings. Frank assumes Mac's coming out entails revealing whether he's a top or a bottom, a boy or a girl. All of...
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