Are National Borders Ungodly?

Juicy Ecumenism | 10/23/2018 | Mark Tooley
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Many religious voices portray national borders as virtually ungodly. All communities should be unquestioningly welcoming to all, not building fences. Nearly all organized Christian political advocacy on border and immigration issues demands or implies open borders are godly while fences and restrictions are inhospitable.

There’s a recent piece in Rewire News‘ religion dispatches by Alana Massey fervently touting this anti-border perspective. She insists: “Neither God nor his messenger traditionally takes kindly to builders of towers (Babel) or giant defensive walls (Jericho)—to say nothing of your garden variety gold enthusiast (see fates of: money-changers in the temple, Judas Iscariot, etc.)”

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The God of the Bible sometimes knocks walls down, as at Jericho, or ordains a prophet like Nehemiah to lead their rebuilding at Jerusalem. The lesson of Babel wasn’t about construction but about human arrogance claiming for itself what only belongs to God. The divine judgment at Babel was division of humanity into different tribes and tongues.

Massey seems to advocate some form of what Nimrod sought at Babel, a unified humanity under one cohesive rule, without borders. But the Christian message doesn’t anticipate this eventuality until the end of time, when Christ Himself rules the earth. Until then, nation states, with their borders, have providential purpose. Nations perhaps even continue into redeemed creation, not in conflict, but in harmony under direct divine oversight.

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Patiently, with hope and faith, waiting for the parousia doesn’t interest Massey or most utopians who yearn for a fully unified humanity, however implausibly. They don’t realize that such political conformity, in which all nations are effectively erased, can only occur coercively and repressively. Such building of empire is typically portrayed negatively in the Bible, as a wicked parody of God’s Kingdom.

Yet Massey condemns national boundaries as nearly satanic strongholds:

Walls - Borders - People - Parts

“Walls and borders don’t just divide people physically, they destroy parts of...
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I find it extremely funny when people keep voting and expecting the government to change!
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