Alicia Silverstone shows off her vegan fridge

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Alicia Silverstone would never, ever have meat in her fridge. As if.

The outspoken vegan recently gave Women's Health a look inside her fridge, and no surprise — there are a whole lot of vegetables.

'I - Meat - Fridge - Dairy - Meat

'I would never have any meat in my fridge. Or dairy. But definitely no meat ever,' the 42-year-old said.

Before she even opens her fridge, which is hidden behind white cabinets, it's apparent her kitchen is a bit different.

Counter - Front - Dozen - Plastic - Bottles

On the counter in front of her are more than a dozen plastic bottles of supplements — including, she explains later, no-sugar-added, gelatin-free gummy vitamins.

Inside her fridge, everything is meticulously labeled, including the shelves and the containers, which include labels saying not only what is inside but the date it was made.

Shelf - Glass - Bottles - Sort - Water

One shelf is packed with glass bottles, which she appears to fill herself at some sort of water dispensary or from the tap.

There are also a can of organic mayonnaise — a surprising choice, since mayo, which is made with eggs, is not vegan.

Mushrooms - Lettuce - Cabbage - Tomato - Zucchini

There are mushrooms, lettuce, cabbage, a tomato, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, bok choy, and half an apple.

Oddly, many of the fruits and vegetables, including the slice apple, are simply sitting on the shelf without any dish or packaging.

Jar - Miso - Rice - Milk - Rice

She also has a jar of miso, rice milk, cooked rice, cooked veggies, bread, chickpeas, beans, yams, salad dressing, green juice, and hemp hearts.

On the shelves on the door, there are lots of bottles, filled with several sesame seed oils, flax oil, Udo's Oil, ume plum vinegar, red wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup, molasses, and horseradish.

Alicia - Batches - Food - Juice - Soup

Alicia likes to cook in batches, and when she can't get 'real' food, she'll have a juice or soup.

'Most of what's in my fridge is to feed my son, but it's also to feed me. But he has his...
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