The Challenges of Child-Centered Parenting

Parent Cue | 7/9/2012 | Carey Nieuwhof
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I’ve always wondered why celebrities seem so messed up. Can’t there be one couple that stays together forever? Why do famous people have weird riders in their contracts about red M&Ms? Why the rush to serial cosmetic surgery? How come there’s so much addiction? Isn’t anyone normal?

I have a theory. It’s just a theory, but it makes sense to me. Our culture kind of worships famous people. And people weren’t actually designed to be worshipped.

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Something inside of us, even inside A-list celebrities, knows it’s not normal or healthy to have millions of people hanging on every word from your last tweet. Something inside of us knows it’s not normal to have millions of people think you’re so much better than you really are. It’s incredibly unhealthy, and it drives celebrities to do some very unhealthy things. As much as there is something inside each of us that would love to be the center of the universe, there’s something wrong with that desire. We were not created to bear the weight of being worshipped.

You think we might have created a culture (without intending to) in which we’ve ending up worshipping our children? The assumption in so many families is that the child is the center of the home, and that the parents are there to serve the child and ensure his or her perpetual happiness.

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You know what I’m talking about. You’ve seen the parent who dotes over a child like he was an actual...
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