As Republicans worry about demographics, secession in U.S. deserves attention (Commentary) | 9/27/2018 | Douglas Perry
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A well-respected political commentator put out a scary tweet on Thursday after embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's angry, highly partisan U.S. Senate testimony:

"Today felt very much like an update of the 1850s: Two very distinct parts of U.S. that no longer care to even fake that they respect or value the other," wrote Ron Brownstein. "Like [President] Trump, Kavanaugh built his strategy on rallying one side of that divide vs the other. Seams are unraveling -- not just on SCOTUS."

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Another American civil war would, without question, be a terrible thing. But should the idea of the U.S. amicably breaking apart scare us? Maybe it should be welcomed and vigorously debated.

Michael Malice, the author of cultural commentary and various humor books, pointed out in a 2016 Observer article that the United States has "never been united culturally." Which made him question our determination to remain united politically.

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"The real conundrum," he wrote, "is why two cultures should attempt to move forward as one unit when they are increasingly diverging in their world views -- and never had the same worldview to begin with."

(Malice posited this argument chiefly in terms of so-called urban elites looking down on "flyover country." "At some point American progressives need to stop viewing the South as their whipping boy, being perpetually flagellated for its sins," he wrote. "It's long past time to allow Kansans to live as they see fit, regardless of how wrongheaded they may sound -- instead of wondering 'What's the Matter with Kansas?' True, a house divided against itself cannot stand. But some houses don't need to remain standing at all."

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He could be right. Let's let Kansans be Kansans -- and so on. Most everyone might end up being happier in the end.

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