Google Needs to Change Its Slogan “Do no harm “ To “Do no good “ | 10/9/2018 | IWB
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In case you were wondering, the featured picture in the article is a screen-shot of a since-deleted tweet from a senior Google employee, sent immediately after the Kavanaugh confirmation. But have no fear: as a whole, Google is completely unbiased and you can trust them totally. Why? Because they’re professional, first and foremost, and they’re not run by unhinged social justice warriors and crazed leftists. Moreover, since the internet is located in the anarcho-capitalist dimension, where government regulation need not apply, Google must remain unregulated. In the real world, the Federal Government had to regulate phone companies, banks, power companies, child labor, we have environmental regulations and so on and so forth. But not tech companies, we must trust them to run the world as they see fit, because they’re the kosher guys. The chosen ones.

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Seriously speaking, Google is the world’s most powerful company in history and arguably, a monopolistic tech behemoth. Google is basically the gatekeeper of the internet. They own the world’s biggest search engine, built using military technology and taxpayers’ money. They also own world’s biggest mobile OS system, Android that is. What’s Android’s market-share? 80 percent or more? Google also controls, more or less , the advertising market by controlling Internet traffic (basically if one can make money or not on the interwebz) via Google words/ads and via their search engine (90%+ market share), that can shadow-ban/ban altogether your site/business at a whim. Or rank it higher in search results if you pay them money. Google reads all your emails via its G-mail service and they admit it. Chrome tracks all your internet activity....
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