How to Respond to the Adversary Morality of Consent

Juicy Ecumenism | 10/9/2018 | Rick Plasterer
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Obedience to God in all of life is surely a Biblical commitment, and one all faithful Christians agree with. Maintaining this in a rapidly changing world, in which the social favor with which Christianity is regarded swings wildly (e.g., Bush to Obama to Trump), and uncertain of where such favor will rest in the foreseeable future, is more of a challenge than American Christians have known in the past (i.e., the twentieth century and before). It requires clear, conscious thinking about how we engage the world in faithfulness to God, and how our moral reasoning conflicts with other moral reasoning widespread in society. This clear and conscious thought should be on the part of everyone who lives under Biblical authority, because the old days when commitment to the God of the Bible was noncontroversial in American society will not soon return.

Christians’ faith is based on authority, that of God speaking in the words of Scripture. This immediately puts Christians at odds with contemporary morality which requires consent for legitimacy. It does not allow the dictates of any external authority, save to protect people from “harm.” But not only is “harm” increasingly subjective, with even mental distress counting as “harm,” but contemporary partisans of moral autonomy are not consistent with physical harm, as they do not allow the protection for unborn children. Inequality of human beings is achieved by counting only some human beings as “persons,” so that the guarantee of “rights” and “equality” become as subjective, and thus as liable to the different interpretations of those in power, as is the understanding of harm. But external determination of anyone that contemporary liberalism classes as a person is absolutely ruled about, as is becoming strikingly clear in the case of self-defined sexuality, or transgenderism.

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But Christians know by God’s revelation that we...
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