Christine Blasey Ford Is Not Credible by Memory, Relationships, or Morality | 10/3/2018 | Staff
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Across the dimensions of her memory, her relationships, and her morality, all indications are that Christine Blasey Ford is either lying or deluded.

Her memory array is not plausible, given the events in her allegation. Have you ever been in a situation of natural disaster, crime, or accident wherein you were momentarily in fear of losing your life? Do you remember the location you were in? At such moments, the sensory portals open wide, creating an array of indelible memories, especially regarding the location. In the case of an attack, the avalanche of sensory input involved in the will to survive tends to obscure rather than clarify the identity of the attacker. This is why there are so many false accusations of rape. You also do not remember what you ate for lunch that day.

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Blasey Ford's memory array is inconsistent with traumatic memory formation. She does not remember the location. She remembers "100%" the identity of Brett Kavanaugh, the fact that she conveniently drank only one beer enabling a clear head to remember only Brett. The assault is often described as a horrible crime. That is felony inflation. The only thing that made the incident important is the identity of the accused, which is also the only alleged fact Christine Blasey Ford claims to remember.

Nor is this a scenario where a so-called repressed memory develops. Repressed memories typically develop when the sexual abuse is of such shock and betrayal, such as incestuous rape, that the mind dissociates from reality and the unbearable memory submerges into the unconscious. It is not plausible that a fifteen-year-old girl at a party momentarily held down by an acquaintance and prevented from screaming would develop a repressed memory, said memory unlocked thirty years later at the time of a home remodeling project. This is just nonsense.

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