E-Books, Excellent, but Why Paper Still Has More Uses

Eidos | 9/18/2018 | Staff
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Reruns were once a thing. In an age when there were four networks, one given to showing Life of a Cumquat, new shows appeared with ABC, NBC, and CBS said they would appear: usually Fall. After the first few months, they simply replayed the shows until the Fall or you could poke around for old shows they were rerunning: reruns.

Star Trek was just before my (viewing) time and so I found it in reruns. It came on right after Lawrence Welk (do not Google) and was deeply cut for more commercials. There was no streaming. You could not buy those 79 precious episodes. I actually recorded a few on a tape recorder (think digital recording on a tape that would snarl inside the machine playing it destroying both . . . Often.) and would read a photo novel as the tape played.

It was the best I could do and it was goodish.

The moment Paramount would sell me VHS tapes (uncut!) of the 79 photo novels and the audio tapes vanished. Old tech was destroyed by better new tech.

Generalization - VHS - Way - Laser - Disc

A generalization began to form as VHS gave way to Laser Disc (no degredation of the image!) to CD-i to DVD to Blu-Ray to streaming: newer tech is almost always better than older tec. (Laser discs were a sad exception.) This a decent generalization, but it is not always true.

I have come to the conclusion that e-texts/books (I love my Kindle!) have a use, but that books on paper are better for most uses.

E-books - Tech - Amazon - Others - Technology

When e-books were developed, I thought they were just new tech replacing older tech. This was particularly true when Amazon and others made the technology easy to use. I was partially wrong. E-books are not replacing (or should not replace) all uses of paper.

Do not misunderstand: e-books are good. They...
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