A near-infrared fluorescent dye for long term bioimaging

phys.org | 8/15/2018 | Staff
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A group of chemists at the Institute of Transformative Bio-Molecules (ITbM), Nagoya University, has developed a new near infrared (NIR) emitting photostable fluorescent dye PREX 710 (photo-resistant xanthene dye which can be excited at 710 nanometers) to have uses ranging from long term single molecule imaging to in vivo deep imaging, according to a study reported in the journal Angewandte Chemie International Edition.

PREX 710 has a molecular structure consisting of a phosphine oxide (P=O) moiety in the place of oxygen in its fused tricyclic xanthene core, and 2 methoxy (OMe) groups on the peripheral aromatic ring, which enables the dye to absorb and emit in the NIR region, and accounts for its high chemical and photostability, respectively. In addition, the PREX 710 NHS ester can be chemically linked to biomolecules including proteins, sugars, and small organic ligands, which can lead to observations of various structures and events in live cells.

Researchers - RIKEN - Ehime - University - Team

Together with the researchers of RIKEN and Ehime University, the team has found that PREX 710 could be used for single molecule fluorescent imaging under physiological conditions. The high photostability of PREX 710 enables repeated imaging, and its specific light absorption/emission properties in the NIR region, allows multicolor imaging with its use with other fluorescent dyes. Moreover, by linking PREX 710 NHS ester to a polysaccharide (dextran), the team succeeded in the 3-D deep in vivo imaging of blood vessels in mice brains. This was made possible by the high chemical stability of PREX 710 within the blood stream, as well as by the use of NIR radiation to look deep inside the tissues. The high photostability, water solubility and chemical stability, along with its low cytotoxicity, and use of NIR radiation makes PREX 710 a powerful tool for visualizing molecular processes and structures for long durations without photobleaching inside living...
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