The Just Person: Just to the Unjust! (Summer in the Republic 45.5)

Eidos | 7/22/2018 | Staff
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Unjust people think that justice is weakness. The just person hides behind justice, even with someone he knows is unjust, because he lacks the nerve to get his revenge. This is not true, but part of the great appeal of injustice, see every revenge movie, is that justice does not have the courage to be just.

This is a lie, but an appealing lie. Somewhere there is a strong man and he made by a bad man, but we can use him so good may come. We will use these brown shirts to stop those (really evil) red shirts. What could go wrong?

Injustice - Souls - Virtue - Weimar - Era

We do not see that injustice will warp our souls and make us incapable of virtue. We might stop on evil only to become worse. Ask the Weimar era Germans.

Everybody craves injustice at times and strong men are willing to take vengeance. This is a misunderstanding of the better “vengeance” movies (see Neeson, Liam). The films that work the best are about seeking justice when the system is so unjust, so much in the hands of the world, the flesh, and devils, that a just man cannot seek justice in the system. The Batman (at his best) is not seeking vengeance, but officialdom in a Gotham so wicked that justice cannot be practiced in proper channels. The Batman seeks true justice and not just conformity to City ordinances.

This is dangerous.

The unjust man pretends he is Batman when in reality he is just another (to quote Star Trek TOS) tinplated dictator with delusions of godhood. The courage of the just man is that he will not seek revenge, only justice, even against the bad man. Justice will use force, but power restrained by virtue. The tyrant can kill at will, the just man must hesitate. History is littered with tyrants...
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