All the Things Batman Bellows in the ‘Dark Knight’ Trilogy, Ranked

/Film | 7/18/2018 | Andrew Todd
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Christian Bale’s “Batman voice” was one of the most divisive components of his iconic portrayal of the Dark Knight. Deep and raspy, like a lifelong smoker who just thrashed Marilyn Manson at karaoke, it was intended in-universe as an auditory disguise and intimidation tool – but many audience members found it silly. Regardless of your view on Bale’s bold acting choice, it not only helped define his take on the character, it made his ordinarily intense acting all the more so.

Among the most-imitated aspects of the voice is the way Batman yells. That bellow probably necessitated some kind of insurance policy specifically for Bale’s vocal cords, but it resulted in a wide array of memorable moments. In honour of The Dark Knight‘s tenth anniversary, we hereby present the complete, ranked collection of Batman bellows – 20 of them, across three films, not including anything delivered in a whispered, growled, or “ordinary” speaking voice. Grab a mug of honey lemon ginger tea, and let’s begin.

Batman - Gordon - Batmobile - Attempt - Joke

Batman introduces Gordon to the Batmobile with a limp attempt at a joke, absent even a knowing glance. He’s freaking walking away when he says this line – robbing it of confrontational power, and suggesting the only reason he’s shouting is to be heard. Unacceptable.

A woeful retort to Ra’s Al-Ghul in the pair’s climactic fight aboard a Gotham City monorail. Ra’s is accusing Batman of having no new tricks here, and the trick that Batman thinks is good enough to pause to introduce is…breaking Al-Ghul’s katana. Dude really needs to work on his fight banter.

Opening - Line - Batman - Interrogation - Mobster

A strong opening line for Batman’s interrogation of mobster Sal Maroni (Eric Roberts). It’s a little vague, though: to whom is he referring? Could be anyone (even though it’s the Joker). A decent, if uninspiring, addition to the annals of Simple Batman Questions.

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