The Equalizer 2 review – Denzel Washington can't save dull sequel

the Guardian | 7/18/2018 | Charles Bramesco

In the US, there’s an adage among a certain political sect that the only thing capable of stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. In The Equalizer 2, Antoine Fuqua’s follow-up to his 2014 reboot of the 80s TV staple that is somehow not titled “The Sequelizer”, that expression gets an amendment. The only thing capable of stopping five bad guys with guns is a Denzel with a gun, and probably a couple of knives, too, just to be sure.

Much like the recent exhuming of the more overtly reactionary Death Wish pictures, the return of Denzel Washington’s avenging angel Robert McCall plays to a distinctly American, distinctly male power fantasy. A former marine, retired CIA black op and recent widower, McCall is getting long in the tooth. (Never the type to put too fine a point on things, Fuqua has the avowed bookworm tackling Marcel Proust’s In Search of Lost Time as the final entry on his lifetime reading list.) He fills his days by driving for Lyft, patiently listening to a doddering old-timer in his neighborhood and trying to keep local boy Miles (Moonlight star Ashton Sanders) out of the gang life. He’s trying to leave behind a better world than the one he entered, repainting a graffitied wall of his building and urging Miles not to use cuss words.

Evils - S-word - Lurk - High-rises - Boston

But greater evils than the occasional S-word lurk among the high-rises of Boston’s lower-income neighborhoods, and accordingly, McCall must take more extreme measures in his quest to purge the streets of wrongdoers. It starts when some skeevy financial types dump a roughed-up female intern in his car, and McCall goes up to their penthouse to crack some skulls after safely depositing her at the hospital. He takes it upon himself to pick up...
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