CNN Historian: What Trump Did Was 'Clearly Treasonous', Flashed Guilt

NewsBusters | 7/18/2018 | Staff
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Treason. What started out as the hyperbolic ramblings of a person on the far fringe of the left with Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, has made its way into the liberal media as a whole. In the hours since President Trump’s press conference in Helsinki, the liberal media’s mouth-foaming rage had only grown worse. And on Tuesday’s CNN Tonight, the network’s presidential historian declared there was little doubt about it: The President committed treason.

The ridiculous segment began with host Don Lemon reading from the Constitution and framing the definition of treason:

Article - III - Section - Constitution - Treason

Article III in section three of the Constitution says this, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.” So no president has ever been charged with treason, Douglas. Do you believe the President's actions fall anywhere within that definition?

CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley was adamant that what President Trump did on Monday was a threat to the U.S. “[T]he spirit of what Trump did is clearly treasonous. It's a betrayal of the United States. He threw our U.S. intelligence services, flushed them away and it came off as being a puppet of Putin,” he declared. “So the word treason like impeachment, like obstruction of justice, are going to be out there in public discourse louder and longer right now.”

End - Mueller - Investigation - Unearths - People

“But it's all going to come down in the end to what the Mueller investigation unearths. But certainly, people are going to say there's the taint of treason around this White House,” he added.

But Brinkley was disheartened. He lamented that the charge of treason probably wouldn’t stick to Trump due to technicalities:

Problem - Enemy - Don - Russia - Enemy

The problem with the enemy aiding and abetting, Don, is that Russia is not officially right now considered an enemy of the United States. But...
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