Scientists Just Made a Huge Breakthrough in Alzheimer’s Research

Rare | 7/11/2018 | Silke Jasso
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Alzheimer’s has remained one of the most baffling and devastating diseases in the world, that affects more than 5 million Americans today. Despite billions of dollars on clinical trials throughout the decades, it has still remained one of the most “unknown treatment” diseases.

Scientist in Dallas, Texas have now made a major breakthrough, discovering the “Big Bang” of Alzheimer’s disease. New research shows the point at which a healthy protein becomes toxic, which has not yet formed deadly tangles inside the brain.

Study - Scientists - UT - Southwestern - O'Donnell

According a study by scientists at the UT Southwestern’s O’Donnell Brain Institute, experts found a shape shifting nature of a tau molecule, before it begins sticking to itself to form larger aggregates.

To my non-scientists out there, don’t worry, we’re in the same boat. Let’s go back and explain what it mean. The tau protein is believed to be the key driver of Alzheimer’s disease. In a way, this can be seen as the very beginning of the disease process, since usually Tau acts like a prions, which is an infectious protein that can self-replicate. This revelation offers a new strategy on how to decrease the disease before it hasn’t taken over and has spanned an effort of developing treatment, stabilizing proteins before they shift shape.

Tau - Clumps - Brain - Tangles - Neurons

Tau proteins usually form abnormal clumps in the brain, known as neurofibrillary tangles, accumulating and killing neurons. Some research hypnotize these proteins are the primary cause of the disease.

The study was published in eLife, contradicting the previous belief that isolated tau protein. The study states it has no distinction shaped and is only harmful after it begins to assemble with other tau proteins, forming the distinct tangles seen in the brain of an Alzheimer patient.

Scientist - Proteins - Finding - Alzheimer - Research

Scientist researching these proteins are now calling this the “biggest finding” is Alzheimer’s research as of yet. By extracting the proteins from...
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