If I concede, I can be saved. (Summer in the Republic 35)

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Surrender is a moment of hope. Can the defeated take a better path? Santa Anna? No. Us? Maybe!

“Justice is whatever benefits the strong!”

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In years of leading Republic discussions, some students have agreed with this wretched idea of Thrasymachus that justice is whatever the strong do. The fit survive and that is not just what is, but what should be. The Christian says that all God’s children, the weak and the strong, have right to life and that is a part of justice.

Whichever idea is right, Plato is on the same side as the Christian, siding with the “should be” over the “is” in our world. The rich are filled, but the poor should not be sent empty away . . . Says Jesus and Socrates. If we agree, then reading Republic tempts us to think we are Socrates in the dialogue and that other, wretched person, part of that group is Thrasymachus. We love truth and what to know. The other people cling to their dogma.



All of us should try reading Book I of Republic and see how much we have in common with all the characters. Plato is too great a writer just to make Thrasymachus all bad. As Book I progresses, Socrates worries that his students will pick up Thrasymachus (actually) bad ideas and become little tyrants. One of his former students, Cleitophon, has already made this bad move. After all, Socrates does not know the answers while Thrasymachus claims to have the truth. Socrates is headed toward prison and martyrdom while Thrasymachus does well by selling sophistry.

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Thrasymachus as mastered the art, so popular today amongst academics, of discomforting the rulers in just the way the elite enjoy, but never going too far. He placates the powerful by pretending to stir them up, but backing off whenever the...
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