The United States is doomed but not for the reason you think: The one biggest problem that could wind up collapsing the country

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The corruption of the college tuition system has ruined the country.

The price of tuition has gone up higher than inflation every single year since record-keeping began in 1978.

Student - Loan - Debt - Dollars

Student loan debt is now $1.5 trillion dollars.

Eventually, America could have so much debt that it will become dependent on other countries such as Canada, Mexico, Europe, and China.

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Editor's note: This post originally appeared on Quora, in response to the question, "Will the United States ever collapse?"

I'm usually accused of being too much of an optimist.

Someone - Warming - Thing - People - Alt

When someone tells me "global warming" I immediately think: good thing people are working on alt — energy solutions.

When someone tells me "automation will crush jobs" I think, "Well, look at what happened when ATMs supposedly were going to replace bank tellers. Nothing. The cost savings created a bank on every corner."

Someone - Sense - Humor

When someone tells me I'm ugly, I think, "ok, you're right. But I have a sense of humor."

If someone says, "What about American debt rising so much?", I go through the basic math:

US - Debt

The US is [over $21 trillion] in debt.

BUT the US just has to pay [$276.2 billion this] year to service that debt. That's only 7% of GD P.

US - US - Money - Debt

and if you subtract out what the US owes the US (yes, we owe money to ourselves), then the national debt is [around 15 trillion].

If your salary was $100,000 and you had to pay just $4,000 a year to service all of your debt, you would say, "no problem".


Let's take on more debt.

And yet...I think America is DOOMED. And I think there's no solution for the country.


And people should be aware of how we are doomed so they know what to do.

There are only so many flowers you can plant over s**t. Eventually the whole thing smells like s**t.


Let me outline the problem that is going to bring...
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