Genesis: Where It All Begins (1) | 7/7/2018 | Chaplain Mike
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Note from CM: I’d like to devote Tuesdays to some meditations on Genesis for awhile. It has been in studying the Hebrew Bible, and Genesis in particular, that I have come to appreciate a much more “Jewish” sense of the biblical story than much Christian theology acknowledges. N.T. Wright has done the same in the NT.

This journey of interpretation began for me in seminary in the 1980s under John Sailhamer, and it continues today under the guidance of scholars like Peter Enns. Pete himself has said that nothing has changed his perspective on the Bible than studying under Jewish scholars and those who have brought out the Hebraic emphases of scripture. Consider this series my way of celebrating 35 years of an altered and ever-growing perspective.

Piece - Version - Post - Attempt - Meaning

This first piece is a re-edited version of a 2013 post. It represents my attempt to capture the meaning of the creation account in liturgical form. Many think Genesis 1:1-2:3 was, in fact, originally a liturgical text. I have rephrased it to bring out the significance of its ancient Hebrew priestly message.

One: Listen Up, People! Our God Reigns!

Listen - People - God - Reigns

Listen up, people! Our God reigns!

And God makes all things good!


Let me tell you about our God.

Way back in the beginning, God put everything that is in its place.

God - Order - Everything

That’s right, I said God brought order to everything!

It was God, the true and living God.

Pretender - Gods - Babylon - Nation

Not the pretender “gods” of Babylon or any other nation.

God alone is the One who brought order to the chaos.

Darkness - Light - Seas

He made the darkness light and stilled the raging seas.

No place we could call “home.”

Dark - Waters

It was dark as dark could be and covered with turbulent waters.

Stories about how their gods were fightin’.

Everything - Chaotic

That’s why everything was so crazy chaotic.

And that’s how we got our world.

Don’t you believe it!

He blew just like the gale that parted the Red...
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