Let Precious Moments Pass You By

Desiring God | 7/9/2018 | Greg Morse
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We sat alone, not a soul for miles. From a ridge in the cliff, we overlooked Lake Superior as waves beat against rock. We breathed the fresh air of solitude. I remember going back and forth with friends, Should I record it? What if she wanted to watch it later? What if she wanted to show others?

Only I, my wife, and the Lord know what was said that day. The smiles, the laughter — the chipmunk — the crying. As she finally said yes, only God’s smile and mine met hers. One of the most precious events of our lives went unrecorded. The beautiful moment, fully enjoyed, slipped through our fingers.

Touch - Button - Kids - Day - School

With the touch of a button, we can memorialize our kids on their first day of school. We can record her laughter from the Ferris wheel on our first date. We can hear his corny joke over and over, seeing that weathered face one last time with every push of play. Life is a vapor, and God has gifted this generation with the ability to seize our little mist like never before.

But with all good gifts handled by fallen man, it can become misused. The photo can become prized above the moment it captures. Who doesn’t feel pressure to keep the phone within reach to catch special moments as they come? Mankind has traded God for images resembling mortal man (Romans 1:23); have we further traded away the priceless moments he gives us for images resembling them? Each of us is tempted, like none who came before us, to live-stream our life but forget to live.

Means - Souvenirs - Becomes - Instagram - Beauty

By all means, enjoy taking souvenirs from the past. But when stockpiling and photo-taking becomes compulsive, when we start living for the next uploadable Instagram, when we can no longer enjoy unrecorded beauty, when we...
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