‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: What is Marion Ravenwood Holding When Indiana Jones Shows Up?

/Film | 6/14/2018 | Ben Pearson

‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’: What is Marion Ravenwood Holding When Indiana Jones Shows Up?

Steven Spielberg‘s Raiders of the Lost Ark is unquestionably one of the best adventure movies ever made, and every inch of the film has been examined and analyzed by film lovers since it came out in 1981. But I just discovered something new about the movie that I’d never heard before. During the scene in which Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood reunite for the first time in years, Marion has her hands full – but she’s not carrying what it sounds like she’s carrying.

Truth - Raiders - Lost - Ark - Trivia

Read on to learn the truth about this Raiders of the Lost Ark trivia.

In Raiders, we first meet Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen) as she outdrinks a huge guy in her bar and wins a bunch of cash in the process. (I’ve written before about what an awesome character introduction that is.) After she kicks all of the customers out, Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) walks into the bar, she gives him a killer right hook to the jaw, and the rest of the movie is off and running.

Thing - Marion - Hands - Indy - Shadow

But it’s the small, weird thing that happens in between that I’ve never really picked up on before: what exactly is Marion holding in her hands when she sees Indy’s shadow on the wall?

Ian McCamey brought this to my attention in a series of tweets:

Marion - Shot - Glasses - McCamey - Facebook

I’ve always thought Marion was holding shot glasses, but McCamey’s Facebook post says he came across an alternate version of the script...
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