Suicidal Socialism

Blog & Mablog | 6/13/2018 | Douglas Wilson
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The first graphic I chose pictures socialism as a bestial murderer. A better image would be that of a demented and malicious suicide, but this image will have to do. At least a certain negative image comes through, which is the basic thing I wanted. I have also taken the liberty of treating you to a bunch of other memes about socialism because socialism is the kind of economic theory than can be defended in learned tomes by some of the most intelligent people on the planet, but can also be refuted by ordinary people using ten or twelve words and a picture.



Chesterton once observed in Orthodoxy that a suicide is actually an attempt to murder the world. Put another way, suicide is attempted genocide. It is a profound rejection of everyone and everything. He was discussing the earlier medieval attitude toward the one who committed suicide, in which the community returned that profound rejection by rejecting the one who did this (by refusing to bury them in consecrated ground). And while it is worth noting that the older attitude might be a bit hardline for our tastes, not taking the reality of black depressions into account (for example), their instincts still preserved something important, and were in some respects closer to the truth than our instincts are.

Blow - World - Rejection - Everyone - Bottom

In short, suicide can be a blow aimed at the entire world, a rejection of everyone else. At bottom, it is fundamentally selfish, as can be seen in some of the clichés regarding it. If someone is going to “end it all,” the question arises. End it all for whose benefit? The person who finds the body? The mourning family? The suicide is really not thinking of others. Another cliché is “goodbye, cruel world.” But the cruelty is being perpetrated by the...
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It takes a government, to create a genocide.
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