Fear the Walking Dead Recap: Who Was Struck Out in the Midseason Finale?

TVLine | 6/10/2018 | Charlie Mason
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Warning: The following contains spoilers for Sunday’s midseason finale of Fear the Walking Dead.

‘ONE DAY, SOMEONE’S GONNA WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE’ | As “No One’s Gone” began, Madison snuck under a walker-detection system made of bottles to get the drop on… Al, as it turned out. After Madison demanded the keys to Al’s SWAT van — and its owner only dropped them nearby — our heroine tripped on another wire and accidentally (or, she insisted, deliberately) shot the documentarian’s dinner. “I got nothing else to lose,” Madison warned. But if she thought she’d been through a lot, she had no idea, Al shot back. Following the opening credits, Madison made the mistake of zip-tying Al. (We know how ineffective that is!) Once Al had freed herself, Madison knocked her out in their ensuing, brief clash and went back out into the night.

Present-day - Van - Diamond - Naomi - John

In present-day in the van inside the diamond, Naomi had managed to stanch John’s bleeding, at least temporarily. But she still had to get to her supplies in the diamond’s infirmary. Before maneuvering the SWAT van through the charred walkers to get closer to that destination, Al handed over her camera to Charlie and instructed her to keep filming, no matter what. (If ever a character was committed to her one note, it was Al.) Once they were as close to the infirmary as they could get, Al used her wall of machine guns to take out a bunch of walkers, and off Naomi and Morgan went. They’d only barely gotten past the clearing that Al had made in the horde when kaboom! It turned out they had another deadly issue: Alicia was there, murder in her eyes. And she wasn’t alone.

‘THIS IS NOT GONNA GO YOUR WAY’ | While searching for Nick and Alicia in the distant...
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