Laurence Tribe Was Against Impeachment Before He Was For It — You'll Never Guess What Changed

Investor's Business Daily | 5/18/2018 | Staff
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Politics: Before President Trump even took the oath of office, constitutional law scholar Laurence Tribe was calling for his impeachment. Tribe hasn't stopped since. But 20 years ago, Tribe was singing a different tune about impeachment when a lawbreaking Democrat was in the White House.

In early December, less than a month after Trump won the election, Tribe tweeted that impeachment should begin "on Inauguration Day."

Days - Inauguration - Day - Tribe - Trump

Eight days after Inauguration Day, Tribe declared that Trump was already guilty of "shredding the Constitution more monstrously than any other President in American history."

He's since claimed Trump should be impeached and removed from office for his "cruel brand of bigotry and scapegoating," for "falsely" claiming that the Obama administration wiretapped his campaign, for a State Department blog post on Mar-a-Lago. Most recently, Trump should be removed for the simple reason that we don't like "what kind of nation will we have become" should he stay in office.

Tribe - Impeachment - Dummies - Guide - Democrats

Now Tribe has written what looks like an "Impeachment for Dummies" guide should Democrats regain control of the House next year called "To End A Presidency: The Power Of Impeachment."

In it, and in an Op-Ed in USA Today, Tribe argues that even if Trump hasn't broken any laws doesn't mean he shouldn't be impeached.

Law - List - Acts - Democracy - President

"Criminal law is not a comprehensive list of acts that might imperil democracy if committed by the president," he writes in his Op-Ed. That's a fair point.

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But it was the same Tribe who just 20 years ago was arguing that even though President Clinton had broken the law by perjuring himself, he shouldn't be removed from office.

Argument - Clinton - Tribe - Back - Bar

To make his argument against impeaching Clinton, Tribe "nearly threw his back out trying to raise the constitutional bar for removal," the Cato Institute's Gene Healy aptly put it.

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