C.S. Lewis and the Recent Massacres in Israel

Catholic and Enjoying It! | 5/16/2018 | Staff
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C.S. Lewis writes in “The World’s Last Night”:

I can imagine no man who will look with more horror on the End than a conscientious revolutionary who has, in a sense sincerely, been justifying cruelties and injustices inflicted on millions of his contemporaries by the benefits which he hopes to confer on future generations: generations who, as one terrible moment now reveals to him, were never going to exist. Then he will see the massacres, the faked trials, the deportations, to be all ineffaceably real, an essential part, his part, in the drama that has just ended: while the future Utopia had never been anything but a fantasy.

Folly - Christianists - Protestant - Catholic - Massacre

I think of this as I watch the folly of American Christianists, both Protestant and Catholic, cheering for the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza because they have embraced a crazy theology that sees reckless provocation like the moving of the American embassy to Jerusalem as “the fulfilment of biblical prophecy.”

Abortion-supporting Catholic Popette Jeanine Pirro instructed the deluded faithful on Monday that, “[Trump], like King Cyrus before him, fulfilled the biblical prophecy of the gods worshipped by Jews, Christians and, yes, Muslims, that Jerusalem is the eternal capital of the Jewish state and that the Jewish people finally deserve a righteous, free and sovereign Israel.”

Where to begin? Where to begin?

Ahem. If you believe in “gods” you are, in fact, a traitor to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, not a prophet. Some people, depending on their level of contempt for Magisterial teaching in Nostra Aetate, attempt the dodge that “There is the one God, but also demons who pose as ‘gods'”. If they are garden variety neo-cons, they will then acknowledge that Jews and Christians worship the same God, while Muslims worship some other god (this is likely Pirro’s real position). If they are super-hyper Reactionary Catholics...
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