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Scott Adams had a Periscope the other day titled Ego and Morality. The part I found interesting was Scott’s assertion that everyone is flexible in their morality depending on the circumstances. The one thing I’ve learned is that this is not true particularly for those who call themselves true conservatives. In fact, you could say that a Cuckservative is indeed someone who is morally flexible when they “sell out” to liberal ideas.

Scott’s point had to do with waterboarding and that when the risk to the country is high, most people would be in favor of waterboarding if, for example, it prevented a nuclear war. On the other hand, when we’re not at high risk, most people would be against waterboarding.

Gina - Haspel - Confirmation - Hearings - Country

He went on to say that what Gina Haspel should have said, but couldn’t say, during confirmation hearings was that she’d do whatever was necessary to keep the country safe and she’d use common sense to only use enhanced techniques when the situation truly warranted them. In these days of political correctness, this would have immediately disqualified her so she tried to walk the middle ground.

Without getting too deep into the study of ethics and morality, I found some information from SMU illustrative:

Variety - Ethics - Grasp - Distinction - Levels

Understanding the variety approaches to applied ethics requires a basic grasp of the distinction between the following three levels of moral thinking:

Conservatives are the archetype Level 3 top down moralist. By the way, putative means to be known as something by reputation, or assumed to be something, or generally accepted.

Instance - Amendment - Right - People - Arms

For instance, the second amendment is clear that the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. No other discussion is necessary and anything that limits this right is a sell out.

Killing humans is immoral and a fetus is a human. Therefore, abortion is immoral.

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