• | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    O2, a division of Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica, blamed a third-party supplier for a "global software issue in their system" that left millions of O2 customers "unable to use data" Britain's...
    133 views Claw987
  • | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    ČRNOMELJ, SLOVENIA—STA reports that archaeologists excavating one of 15 Celtic burials at the Pezdirčeva Njiva site, which is located in southeastern Slovenia, discovered a bronze belt adorned with a...
    125 views Mijac
  • MakeUseOf | 12/6/2018 | Ben Stegner
    Owning a PlayStation 4 is one of the best ways to enjoy video games. Whether you have an original model or the more powerful PS4 Pro, you can enhance your experience by buying great games and some...
    267 views kims
  • | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    As a Jupiter-size world swings around its small but active star, bombarded by radiation, the planet leaves behind a tail of escaping helium as wide as itself — and researchers have spotted this tail...
    254 views KimmyPoo
  • Science News | 12/6/2018 | Laura Sanders
    UNDERAPPRECIATED Often thought of as a useless organ when it’s not growing a baby, the uterus may have an important role in certain kinds of memory, a study in rats suggests....
    157 views cindy95240
  • TechCrunch | 12/17/2018 | Staff
    I’ve been living for the past few years in a limbo between journalist and entrepreneur, trying to build startups the way I saw them being built on stage at Disrupt and discovering that my skill and...
    548 views eymira
  • | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    In the drive to find new ways to extend electronics beyond the use of silicon, physicists are experimenting with other properties of electrons, beyond charge. In work published today (Dec 7) in the...
    485 views marika
  • ScienceDaily | 12/6/2018 | Staff
    Helium is the second most abundant element in the Universe. Predicted since 2000 as one of the best possible tracers of the atmospheres of exoplanets, these planets orbiting around other stars than...
    265 views gbabii05

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