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    Oscar Wilde once said that by the time people are fifty, they have the face they deserve. I suspect he meant that a lifetime of choices will shape our souls in a particular direction, which will be tellingly reflected in our faces.

    But as a youth, Müller made choices that were shaping him not toward grace but toward ruin. While his mother lay dying, fourteen-year-old Müller was roving around half-drunk with friends. A liar and a thief, he was imprisoned for stealing when he was only sixteen. Then, as a college student, he gave his life to Christ as the result of being influenced by Christian friends.

    Müller - Answers - Prayers - God - Provision

    Though Müller published the answers to his many prayers for God’s provision, thereby influencing people to give, he never directly asked anyone for money to support his orphanage. The donations came pouring in unsolicited,...
  • The U.S. Media Yesterday Suffered its Most Humiliating Debacle in Ages: Now Refuses All Transparency Over What Happened

    Is that what happened here? Did these “multiple sources” who fed not just CNN but also MSNBC and CBS completely false information do so deliberately and in bad faith? Until these news outlets provide an accounting of what happened – what one might call “minimal journalistic transparency” – it’s impossible to say for certain. But right now, it’s very difficult to imagine a scenario where multiple sources all fed the wrong date to multiple media outlets innocently and in good faith.

    If this were, in fact, a deliberate attempt to cause a false and highly inflammatory story to be reported, then these media outlets have an obligation to expose who the culprits are – just as the Washington Post did last week to the woman making false claims about Roy Moore (it was much easier in that case because the source they exposed was a nobody-in-DC, rather than someone on whom they rely for a steady stream of stories, the way CNN and MSNBC rely on Democratic members of the Intelligence Committee). By contrast, if this were just an innocent mistake, then these media outlets should explain how such an implausible sequence of events could possibly have happened.

    Media - Corporations - Opposite - Journalists - Public

    Thus far, these media corporations are doing the opposite of what journalists ought to do: rather than informing the public about what happened and providing minimal transparency and accountability for themselves and the high-level officials who caused this to happen, they are hiding behind meaningless, obfuscating statements crafted by PR executives and lawyers.

    How can journalists and news outlets so flamboyantly act offended when they’re attacked as being “Fake News” when this is the conduct behind which they hide when they get caught disseminating incredibly consequential false stories?

    Trump/Russia - Story - Trump

    The more serious you think the Trump/Russia story is, the more dangerous you think it is when Trump...
  • Could North Korea Prevent the U.S. From Participating in the South Korea Winter Olympics?

    On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested the United States might not participate in the Winter Olympics due to security concerns about North Korea. The day before, United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley suggested it was an "open question" as to whether or not the U.S. would send athletes.

    Both later walked back these comments, suggesting America would take part but that the White House was still concerned about safety at the Olympics, which will be held in February in Pyeongchang, a town 50 miles from the border between South Korea and the North.

    Fox - News - Wednesday - US - Athletes

    When asked on Fox News Wednesday if it was safe enough for U.S. athletes to go to South Korea after North Korea's repeated threats, Haley admitted, "There is an open question." She added, "I have not heard anything about that. ... We have to watch this closely and it's changing by the day."

    On Thursday, Major Garrett, a CBS News White House correspondent, asked Sanders about Haley's response. "The U.N. ambassador said it's an open question whether the United States will participate in the Winter Olympics in South Korea. Is that now in doubt?" he asked.

    "That wasn't exactly what...
  • Man Finds Dad’s Briefcase, Uncovers Pearl Harbor Treasure

    History moves like a fast-flowing river: Memories that once seemed close and unforgettable can quickly slip away and fade as they are pulled down the stream of time… unless they are protected.

    That’s true even for world-changing events such as 9/11 and Pearl Harbor. The odds are that many people went about their day without even noticing that it was Dec. 7 — the “day that will live in infamy.”

    Lt - Cmdr - Nathaniel - Nat - Harrison

    For Lt. Cmdr. Nathaniel “Nat” Harrison Jr., the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 was something he could never forget. He was serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the USS Sumner… and that ship was moored in Hawaii when the Japanese attacked.

    Harrison witnessed history as it unfolded, and he made sure to preserve his memories for future generations. However, it wasn’t until six decades after Pearl Harbor that his family realized just how many of those memories had been saved.

    Years - Attack - Yesterday

    It's been 76 years since the attack, but these recording make it seem just like yesterday...

    “In 2001, Nathaniel Harrison III was helping pack up his mother’s home when he came across a suitcase under his dad’s bed. In it were relics his late father kept from the attack on Pearl Harbor,” the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported.

    Idea - Harrison - Son - Cole - Stereo

    “I had no idea what was in it,” recalled Harrison’s son, who goes by his nickname Cole. “Then, when I was packing up his stereo, mother said: ‘Well, what are you going to do with all those cassettes?’”

    Those tapes contained something priceless: The late Navy veteran’s voice, dictating his memories of not just the famous attack, but also other recollections of his military service and his life.

    Description - Pearl - Harbor - Cole - Tapes

    “A complete description of being in Pearl Harbor when it was attacked,” Cole explained about the tapes. “What took place on his ship. The description of the...
  • Does Trump's Tax Plan Single Out Family Trusts As A Way To Subsidize Corporate Tax Cuts?

    According to an analysis from the Tax Policy Center, the Senate's recently passed tax plan will increase the after-tax income of folks in every income bracket. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and plenty of arguments to be had between the Left and Right over how the tax savings scraps should be divvied up, but in the aggregate individual tax payers should see their net incomes increase in 2019.

    But when it comes to the taxation of business income, one group of small business owners is about to get a massive tax increase, on a relative basis, compared corporations and other pass-through entities: Family Trusts.

    Wall - Street - Journal - Morning - Businesses

    As the Wall Street Journal points out this morning, many small businesses in the U.S. are organized as family trusts as a way to preserve an enterprise for succeeding generations, protect against estate taxes or a divorcing spouse or other claimants who might try to seize a stake. But while the Senate tax bill provides a massive tax cut for corporations and individually-owned pass-through corporations, small businesses organized as family trusts will see no changes making them much less competitive on a pro forma basis.

    Family-owned businesses represent a large slice of the universe of so-called “pass through” companies, which are organized as partnerships, limited liability companies and S Corporations, and pay taxes through individual rather than corporate returns. Trusts in this category of business include Hobby Lobby, the arts and crafts chain founded by billionaire David Green, and Love’s Travel Stop. They also include a whole host of other small businesses from grocery stores, to packaging makers, wholesalers, beer distributors and family farms.

    Tax - Writers - Senate - Bill - Way

    Tax writers in the Senate crafted the bill in a way that prevents trusts and estates that operate businesses from reaping the benefits of new low business tax rates. Republican tax writers haven’t...
  • Trump is right -- Israel's capital is Jerusalem

    President announces efforts to move U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    President Trump’s declaration Wednesday that the United States formally recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city is an acknowledgement of historical fact and current reality.

    Israel - Facilitator - Arab-Israeli - Peacemaking - Leader

    As Israel’s closest ally, as the principal facilitator of Arab-Israeli peacemaking, and as the pre-eminent global leader, the U.S. initiative in taking this step is of critical significance. The president has acted wisely.

    Bold actions can prompt new thinking and stimulate initiatives to advance peace. Twenty years ago last month, Egyptian President Anwar Sadat flew to Israel. He became the first Arab head of state to visit and he addressed the Knesset (parliament) in Israel’s capital of Jerusalem, even before formal peace negotiations began.

    Recognition - City - Israel - Capital - Minister

    Recognition of the city that Israel has always deemed its capital is long overdue. The prime minister’s office, the Knesset, and nearly all Israeli government offices have been situated in Jerusalem since Israel declared its independence nearly 70 years ago.

    U.S. recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital is an act of constructive diplomacy – not, as one Palestinian leader proclaimed, a “declaration of war.”

    Heads - State - Officials - Countries - World

    Heads of state and other top officials from countries around the world visit Jerusalem regularly to engage with Israel’s leadership.

    In fact, there was a time when 16 countries maintained their embassies in Jerusalem. Succumbing to Arab pressures, however, they relocated their embassies to Tel Aviv, where the U.S. and other countries have long kept their embassies.

    Abnormality - Country - World - Way - Relations

    This perpetuates a nonsensical abnormality. No other country in the world has been treated this way, neither in bilateral relations nor at the United Nations and other multilateral forums.

    Longstanding resistance to recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital has encouraged many U.N member states, led by Arab and Muslim nations, to regularly adopt resolutions that ignore historical facts and deny any Jewish link to Jerusalem.


    Indeed, just last week, the...
  • New York Terror Attack Brings a Terrifying Reminder

    Once again on Tuesday, U.S. citizens faced Islamist terrorism on American soil. An immigrant from Uzbekistan, 29-year-old Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, is suspected of killing eight people and injuring around a dozen more in a vehicle attack in New York. The methodology of the attack itself is nothing new, though it does represent a somewhat recent evolution in terrorist tactics. One other aspect of this particular incident has received little coverage but is, possibly, a sinister harbinger of a future trend.

    On September 1, 2004, a school in Beslan, in the Russian republic of North Ossetia was overrun by Chechen rebels. The Chechens held more than 1,100 people hostage for three days before Russian security forces stormed the school. When the dust settled – quite literally – more than 340 civilians were dead, including 186 children. The rebels, who could just as accurately be called terrorists, had chosen their target well. The Beslan massacre left a deep scar on the Russian people. The unthinkable was now thinkable; children were incredibly handy targets for those willing to perpetrate any evil in the name of their ideology.

    The Frightening Evolutions of Terrorism

    In truth, it would be false to say that Beslan was the beginning of a runaway trend. Using numbers from the Global Terrorism Database, The Atlantic published a report in 2014 that noted an increase in terror attacks on educational establishments since 2004. Attacks of this nature, however, have remained a minuscule percentage of all terror attacks. In 2004, such attacks accounted for a mere 2% of all terrorist actions, and by 2013 they still only accounted for 3%.

    Although still a small percentage of all attacks, the number of terrorist assaults again educational institutions has increased sharply. Instances per year averaged around 50 between 1970 and 2004 but, since then, that number has risen steadily, with over 350 such attacks in 2013 – mostly in South Asia.

    Terrorism, across the world, and throughout the years, has gone through many evolutions. In the western world today, Islamist extremists have found a new way to assault us on our own streets. Vehicle attacks are relatively cheap, low-profile, and require little or no preparation.

  • Kim Zolciak-Biermann Hires Legal Counsel Over NeNe Leakes' Racism Accusations in Cockroach Controversy

    Kim Zolciak-Biermann isn't taking NeNe Leakes' accusations against her lightly.

    On the heels of a social media battle between the Real Housewives of Atlanta castmembers, the mother of six is not laughing.

    Need - Refresher - Drama - Week - Leakes

    If you're in need of a refresher on the drama between these two, last week Leakes called Zolciak-Biermann and her daughter Brielle Biermann "racist trash" after the 20-year-old shot a video allegedly taken inside Leakes' house of a bug crawling on the floor.

    "@briellebiermann We don't have roaches! If you found 1, u brought it...
  • Mother, 27, furious at her 7-HOUR A&E wait for her son's horrific head wound pens a sarcastic thank you letter - writing from 2-year-old Jack's point-of-view

    Dear furious Mother of Jack - Next time your son is injured (or is ill), phone NHS 111.  They have advisers who assess a patient's condition and advise on appropriate treatment.  You would have been advised not to attend A&E where you only added to the chaos in an area already overflowing with patients in need of urgent treatment and buckets of sick. (your description, not mine)  NHS 111 advisers would have assessed the child's general health following a head injury then told you to take him to a Minor Injuries Unit which has resources to cope with bleeding wounds but where severely ill patients with life-threatening conditions do not arrive and take priority over patients sent there specifically for minor surgery.  Don't blame the NHS, blame thoughtless users of the excellent service, on offer free of charge, to all.  Furious mother of Jack, I hope you heed this advice before making further complaints. Kind regards, Fan of our wonderful NHS.
  • ISIS Releases Photos Of Latest Batch Of Captured US Weapons

    ditranian said:
    Over the weekend, militants linked to Islamic State released photos that purport to show weapons and equipment that belonged to American soldiers and were captured by the group in eastern Afghanistan. The photos, which came to light on Saturday, show an American portable rocket launcher, radio, grenades and other gear not commonly used by Afghan troops, as well as close up views of identification cards for a U.S. Army soldier, Specialist Ryan Larson. In an emailed statement, Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland, the deputy chief of staff for the U.S.-led mission in Afghanistan, said the soldier had not been captured and is currently with his unit.

    Soldier - ISIS - US - Command - Kabul

    However, contrary to report that the soldier may have been captured by ISIS, the U.S. military command in Kabul denied any such suggestion, saying he "has been accounted for and remains in a duty status within his unit." American special operations troops have been fighting alongside Afghan forces in a renewed offensive against militants who claim allegiance to Islamic State in Nangarhar Province, which borders Pakistan. "SPC Larson was attached to a unit conducting a partnered (operation) with Afghan Forces," U.S. military spokesman Commander Ron Flesvig said in an emailed statement on Sunday. "The soldier's I.D. and some of the equipment were left behind after the (operation). The loss of personal identification is unfortunate."

    Clarity - US - Weapons - Website - Photos

    There was less clarity about where the supposedly US weapons came from. The website that published the photos speculated that the equipment and weapons were left behind during that engagement, but Flesvig said American officials are still trying to determine exactly when and how it was lost. The push in Nangarhar came after President Barack Obama cleared American troops to take a more active role in fighting militants in Afghanistan.

    WaPo - Weapons - Ops - Forces

    According to the WaPo, the captured weapons may have come from Special Ops forces fighting on the...
    How can you "capture" what is given?