Reporter Calls Out State Dept for Repeatedly Dodging on Clinton Emails

Washington Free Beacon | 8/10/2016 | Jack Heretik

BY: Jack Heretik

Associated Press reporter Matt Lee called out State Department Press Director Elizabeth Trudeau during Wednesday’s press briefing for repeatedly not answering questions on whether newly released emails show impropriety between the department and the Clinton Foundation.

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Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch released 296 pages of State Department emails on Tuesday that it obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request. The emails showed cases of top Clinton Foundation officials rewarding their donors with access to the State Department.

“Do you have any response to criticism by some who suggest there was a relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department at the time?” NBC producer Abigail Williams asked Trudeau. “There was an email that came out in this recent set that is between a then-executive at the Clinton Foundation and [top Hillary Clinton aides] Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, in which he is requesting to set up a meeting between a billionaire donor and the U.S. ambassador to Lebanon. Do you have any response?”

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Williams was referring to an April 2009 exchange in which a top associate at the foundation pushed to set up a meeting between the donor and the ambassador to Lebanon because of the former’s activities in the country.

Trudeau said she would not comment on any specific emails. Williams tried to ask her question differently.

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“You don’t feel like there was impropriety in the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the...
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  • Hard to believe that two reports actually asked the State Department Press Director Elizabeth Trudeau questions about this.
  • Pigs fly!
  • Notice that in the end, after much deflection by the State Department, the Trudeau said:

    “We feel confident that all the rules were followed,”

    What does that mean? It's fine to have pay to play in the State Department. Or is it just fine if your name is Hillary Clinton.
  • Correct, does this mean all the people at the State Department can trade money for favors. Perhaps even us common people could afford a favor or two.
    Never argue with an idiot, the spectators may not be able to differentiate between you.
  • Perhaps we could start a go fund me to put together enough money to get a really good "favor" from the State Department if this is now ok.
  • Just like every other banana republic in the world. If you want something from the government, you just have to pay the bribes. Just Great!
    What's more plentiful, hydrogen or stupidity?
  • At least we know how the system works now. Just have to start saving for what you want.
  • With truth in labeling the DOJ is now the DOG, Department of Gestapo. Make sure you have your pennies saved up, or they will make you uncle disappear. Just like the four people that have died in the last month, with their ties all leading back to the DNC and the Clinton campaign.
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