Border Patrol Agents Catch Mexican Child Molester Entering U.S.A.

Breitbart | 7/31/2016 | Staff
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U.S. Border Patrol agents successfully captured a Mexican national who was previously convicted of child molestation after crossing the border with other illegal immigrants in southern California.

Border agents operating in the San Diego Sector of the U.S./Mexican border discovered three Mexican males hiding in brush not far from the fence near Jacumba Hot Springs, CA and later learned in a records check that a 43-year-old male among them had been previously deported after completing a six-year prison sentence for “Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a Child under 14,” according to a U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) statement obtained by Breitbart Texas. The identities of the whole traveling party were not released at the time of publication, nor did the CBP confirm if any others had criminal records.

Agents - Arrest - Efforts - San - Diego

“I commend the agents involved in this arrest as their efforts reflect San Diego Sector’s commitment to strengthen border security and increase safety in our community,” Chief Patrol Agent Richard A. Barlow said about the matter.

The CBP disclosed that the convicted felon was moved to the Metropolitan Correctional Center in San Diego and will likely face new federal charges for illegal re-entry “as a previously deported foreign national.”

Episode - East - County - California - Matter

The episode occurring in East County, California was not the only matter involving the sexual abuse of minors by illegal immigrants from America’s southern border this week. Breitbart Texas reported that a Los Zetas drug cartel member, Jose Salvador Puga Quintanilla,...
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  • Hey, just another Mexican committing the crimes American's won't commit, or something like that.
  • Catch and release for the Mexicans or just plain import for the "refugees" from the muslim countries, at this point what difference does it make.
  • If Obama had an illegal child, he would act just like... oh well, you get the point.
    Warum denn nicht?
  • There are no words for a government which will not protect it's citizens from foreign invaders. This is just sick.
  • Hillary will accidentally strategically place him in the stands behind her at her next "rally"
    I love to post, but I never read the article!
  • BUILD THE DAMN WALL! Fortify it will iron, and lead where appropriate. Defend our nation. What is so hard about this.
    Never argue with an idiot, the spectators may not be able to differentiate between you.
  • Pity the family of this border patrol agent who caught this scum, he will not find favor with his superiors in the Obama administration.
    A man rises to the greatness that is expected of him.
  • hShame he didn't make it to San Francisco, there a lots of children the government of San Francisco have decided to make available to this type of scum.
  • Or Twin Falls, another city government all in for the foreign molesters of American children.
    Settled law: one party can't change a contract. Now if the Government, citizens and the Consstitution...
  • Once again, Mr. Trump is right.
    You can never use the word unexpected when it comes to abuse of power by the government.
  • The Democrats are ruining our country while the media are just lick spittles to the latest talking point of the Clinton campaign.
    The beatings will continue until moral improves.
  • The Clintons will only stop the illegals if some group offers them a million dollar speaking fee. Time to take up a collection, this might actually work with this group.
  • Don't just love the sound "Lewd and Lascivious Acts" when they are committed by invaders of our country.
  • At the rate our government is going, the government is going to have to apologize for criticizing the Nazis atrocities during WWII. Our government is plumbing some new depths in depravity when it comes to abusing it's own people.
  • This is just despicable, and out government is complicit. Sick.
  • Free travel and access to our children, courtesy of our fine government. Please, for God's sake, and the sake of our children, vote Trump.
  • It just gets worse, the people in Paul Ryan's district in Wisconsin just re-elected Ryan, who is 4 square behind this type of vile action.
    If you're not living on the edge, you're taking up too much room.
  • Wonder if the Clintons need a gardener?
    He is faithful!
  • So what happens now? The filth is given a free ride back to Mexico. Mexico does not want the expense of keeping him, so they give him a free ride back to the border where he simply walks across again. So many American children, so many Mexican degenerates. I agree, please, for the children's sake, vote Trump!
  • If you ever had an ounce of love for our nation or our nation's children, vote Trump. Stop this defilement of our country and our families.
  • Execute him and dump his body in the river. Fish need to eat too.
    If it weren't more like to be true than not, we could joke about him being invited to the White House, as an example to other filth who want to invade our country. I so agree, vote Trump.
    Is it real news?? or MSM news??
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