Edelman: Trump Lacks Basic Knowledge of Foreign Policy

Washington Free Beacon | 8/10/2016 | Alyssa Canobbio
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BY: Alyssa Canobbio

Eric Edelman, former under secretary of defense for policy under George W. Bush, explained Tuesday why he joined 49 other Republican national security officials in signing letter that says Donald Trump would put the country’s security and well-being at risk as president.

CNN - Host - Wolf - Blitzer - Edelman

CNN host Wolf Blitzer asked Edelman what his biggest concern about a Trump presidency is.

“I think he fundamentally lacks the knowledge, the character, and temperament to be president of the United States,” Edelman said. “I think he’s shown that repeatedly during the debates, during the campaign.”

Lack - Understanding - Triad - Lack - Understanding

“His lack of understanding of the nuclear triad, his apparent lack of understanding of the fundamental basis of nuclear deterrence,” Edelman continued. “He’s calling into question our extended deterrent guarantees to allies. All of that suggests to me that he’s not fit to be president.”

Blitzer asked Edelman if there was any involvement by the Clinton campaign to get the 50 senior GOP national security officials to sign on to the letter....
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  • Note to world, Edelman is a failed political hack hoping to get a job with Hillary. Knows he is too stupid to get one in a Trump administration.
    What's more plentiful, hydrogen or stupidity?
  • I've noticed that, it seems those most likely to be for Hillary are the dumbest of the GOP. Go figure! lol
    Goverment, no matter how big, is always a big problem.
  • Hey, even the stupid need jobs.
    The beatings will continue until moral improves.
  • The reality is that these people have always been Democrat plants in the GOP, Trump has just flushed them out.
    A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a Government intervention.
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