Part II: The Assault on the President is an Assault on America | 10/9/2019 | Charles Wills
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Socialist Democrats had a plan to destroy America’s unity as a nation and transform America into a socialist/communist state. They know that when people lack common bonds, (do not share a common language, religion or culture) there is nothing to hold them together. In fact, dividing the culture and language has always been part of the Marxist plan to undermine national sovereignty and establish a global communist government.

The plans were laid out by Friedrich Engels and Karl Marx in the Communist Manifesto in 1848, and then revised in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion in the early 20th century. The reason communists are called godless is because they only worship two things - wealth and power. Communists have no regard for anything godly such as morality, justice, fairness or empathy for others; their incessant attacks on the President is proof of that.

Communists - Evolution - Hoax - Way - Morality

Moreover, communists used the evolution hoax as a way to destroy morality and subdue human inhibitions - to make people more animalistic or carnal. Marxists used the pseudoscience of evolution to convert the population into good little communists, otherwise known as immoral atheists. Marxists hoped that evolution would undermine and eventually destroy religious morality throughout the world and open the door for godless communism to spread throughout the world.

The Marxist plan calls for undermining the concept of good and bad in order to blur the distinction between right and wrong. Marxists wanted an abundant supply of greedy, immoral people, willing to do anything for a price. So their plan was to use evolution to destroy the moral integrity of the nation, and then use the products of an immoral nation, useful idiots, to further the godless communist agenda.

Effect - Evolution - America - Media - Personalities

We can see the effect evolution has had on America because most media personalities lack one important thing, and that’s...
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