Are UFOs Real?

Fr. Dwight Longenecker | 6/16/2019 | Staff
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It’s much the same old story: unidentified flying objects zoom are spotted zooming about in the sky at incomprehensible speeds and performing stunts that are impossible according to known technology and physics.

Co incidentally I have been listening to an episode on a podcast during my walk about UFOs, and what interests me about all the discussions is that almost universally, the discussions focus on materialistic answers. They assume the UFOs must be like our airplanes and drones only a little bit different. They speak about “advanced technology” and assume these objects are are from “a more technologically advanced civilization.”

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I don’t think so. Instead, I think UFOs are a great example of what Patrick Harpur in his classic book Daimonic Reality. The short version is that the whole range of paranormal manifestations–from Bigfoot and UFOs, alien visitations, fairies, little people, poltergeists etc. are from the realm of what he terms the “daimonic”. This should be distinguished from what Christians call the “demonic.”

The question “Are UFOs Real?” therefore takes us into another question, “What is Reality?” Harpur’s book proposes the existence of what might be termed an intermediate reality between the invisible realm and the totally material realm. This reality is linked with our shared human consciousness, and from time to time we perceive these “realities” as semi physical manifestations. They certainly look and seem real to us, but they are not real in the same way other physical things are real. Furthermore, they do not have an existential reality apart from our human consciousness.

Way - Things - Realm - Realm - Dreams

Another way to put this is that these things come from the realm of the collective unconscious. They come from the same realm that our dreams originate. You could say they are “figments of our imagination” except that phrase has too many negative connotations…as if it is only...
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