Hades and Dionysus are the Same

Eidos | 6/14/2019 | Staff
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So said Heraclitus: the wisest man to live in Ephesus until Saint John moved there. Saint Basil recommends we begin our studies learning from the noble pagans, particularly in terms of virtue. Says the Saint: “Since the life to come is to be attained through virtue, chief attention must be paid to those passages in which virtue is praised. . . .”

A chief act of virtue is to say “no” to desire and learn that what I wish is unrelated to what is good. However, any religion that provides justification by rationalization or a place to act on desire will always be popular. Evidently in Heraclitus’ day religious people paraded through the city celebrating sex and sex organs. The noble Heraclitus, a first father of philosophy, saw this as shameful: the worship of Dionysian, drunken and foul, was ultimately incompatible with the philosophical spirit.

Thought - Research - Science - Civilization - Demand

Obviously the careful thought and research science and civilization demand is undercut by continuous shamelessness: or a life dedicated to Dionysius. While Plato has a philosopher recommend some beer or wine (Laws), he did not mean what Heraclitus describes here. That a city which wishes to remain civilized may want to keep the private . . .private is sound advice. Every society thinks they have a reason this is not so, but history shows public...
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