Jorge Bergoglio’s “Other Gustavo”: Why Bergoglio Elevated, Placed and Now Protects Zanchetta | 1/20/2019 | Ann Barnhardt
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“Come give us a kiss, you naughty, naughty girl!”

The Associated Press’ Rome correspondent Nicole Winfield REALLY hates child molesters. Hence her relative zeal for reporting on Antipope Bergoglio’s corruption.

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Today she has broken they completely not-shocking news that Antipope Bergoglio knew of the formally lodged complaints of sodmitical predation (complete with naked selfies!) of one of his very favorite Argentinian prelates, Gustavo Zanchetta, for YEARS. Of course he did. Antipope Bergoglio elevated Zanchetta to the episcopacy almost immediately upon usurping the Petrine See in ARSH 2013. And where did Antipope Bergoglio send his beloved Gustavo Zanchetta upon naming him a bishop? To Oran, a backwater diocese Northwest of Buenos Aires on the Bolivian border, nestled at the base of the Andes.

So? Antipope Bergoglio sent one of his pet sodomites to a backwater. Why is that of any significance?

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Because, as I have reported here and tried unsuccessfully to get actual journalists to pick up, Jorge Bergoglio, through his very, Very, VERY intimate “friend” Gustavo Vera (it is widely known in Argentina that Bergoglio and Vera were sodomite lovers – hence Bergoglio’s installation of Vera in the luxury hotel that Bergoglio lives in in the Vatican – a choice made not out of “humility”, but in order to facilitate “encounters of exquisite tenderness and caressing” – is up to his eyebrows in the trafficking of child sex slaves. Gustavo Vera is known to essentially hold the monopoly on boy prostitutes working the gay bars of Buenos Aires. Vera uses his racketeering front of heading an NGO dedicated to – wait for it – fighting child traffficking, and his drifting in and out of government office to A.) protect his monopoly pimping boys to sodomites in the gay bars by cracking down on freelance rent boys working in the streets outside the bars and...
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