20/20 Hindsight: The Best Movies of 1996

TVOvermind | 3/21/2012 | Brian Hadsell
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Now THIS is more like it! The early 90’s were fun and all, but the latter half of the decade is where the fun is really at. Sure, the Disney Renaissance peters out pretty hard from hereon out and things soon start feeling less broadly iconic, but movies definitely starting getting better and a **** of a lot more interesting on top of that. The indie scene solidifies from hereon out in the US, the foreign market increasingly impedes on the formally uniform US industry and everything slowly starts taking on the general look, feel and sound of what would eventually become the 21st century, digitized standard. So let’s dive in, shall we?

Remember when I said that Quentin Tarantino was a far better writer than he was a director? Although this movie’s hardly Pulp Fiction (1994), let alone Reservoir Dogs (1992), you can absolutely see where the film benefited from a leveler hand behind the camera and an impartial eye to cutting excess footage. What starts out as an intimate character drama amidst scattershot crime spree quickly devolves into a Vampire bar brawl in the middle of nowhere. While the transition between these two radically different types of films never quite works and Tarantino isn’t quite a good enough actor to pull off the part he’s assigned to, his snappy dialog paired with Rodriquez’s quick-paced editing keeps the whole affair humming along nicely. It’s hardly high art, but it does have the visceral, beer-and-pretzels kind of approach that make this a great Friday night flick to watch with some friends and a six-pack.

Reason - Movie - Sequel - Everything - Bare

The reason why I haven’t gotten around to watching this movie’s long-belated sequel yet is because I honestly don’t feel that I need to. Everything was laid bare right here in the first movie: every character, every motivation,...
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