Crystal Lake Countdown Looking Back on ‘Freddy vs Jason’

TVOvermind | 7/22/2018 | Brian Hadsell
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And then finally, in the year of our Lord two thousand three, it happened. In the works in one form or another since before The New Blood (1988), eventually culminating in the sale of the franchise to New Line Cinema (who already owned the Nightmare on Elm Street rights), the series’ creators finally got together and made Freddy vs Jason (2003): perhaps the highest-profile cinematic crossover until The Avengers (2012) recreated the entire blockbuster landscape in its image.

Starting off where Jason Goes to **** (1993) left off, we find Jason stalking his way through ****, cutting through any teenagers he happens to find along the way (and given the kinds of licentious activities teenage slasher victims tend to get up to, we can only assume that he’s been a busy guy in the decade since he was sent here). But fellow hellion Freddy Krueger has a problem. Unlike Jason, he’s not satisfied with his lot in death. He wants to be back on Earth, serving up flesh-and-blood teens for the slaughter.

Freddy - Living - People - Freddy - People

Unfortunately, Freddy can only stalk the living if people are afraid of them (because, contrary to previously established Freddy lore, it’s people’s fear of him that gives him his power). Fortunately for him, though, Jason is not beholden to similar rules. Jason’s a survivor. Jason never stays dead for long.

Disguised as Pamela Vorhees, Freddy orders Jason to return to the world of the living and wreak havoc on the world once more (only this time in Springwood, where the citizens would naturally credit the killings to Freddy and allow for him to return to life). What he wasn’t counting on, however, was just how insatiable Jason would become once he got back into the swing of things, nor how dedicated the kids of Springwood would be in putting both serial...
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