Why Do Democrats Need Another Slogan?

The Rush Limbaugh Show | 7/19/2018 | keith doherty
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RUSH: Have you seen the Democrat Party’s new slogan? See, folks, the Democrat Party needs something to win the midterms. Wait. Why? I thought there was a blue wave coming. Rachel, you remember that, right, the blue wave, the Democrats six weeks ago, two months ago, it was over.

All the polling, the general electoral ballot way back last January, December, the Democrats had a 15-point lead. It was gonna be a big, big, big blue wave. Now the Democrats have to come up with a slogan. Why do they need a slogan? Well, because Trump has one: “Make America Great Again.” “Keep America Great.” The Democrats think that’s just so insulting. Patriotism is so cheap. Anybody can do that, anybody can say “Make America Great Again.”

Slogan - Slogan - Policies - Income - ICE

So they need their own slogan. Why do they need a slogan? Why don’t their policies sweep them to victory? Why won’t a guaranteed universal income sweep them to victory? Why won’t abolishing ICE sweep them to victory? Why won’t registering illegal aliens to vote, why won’t that sweep them to victory? Why won’t opening the borders and let anybody into the country who wants in the country as our immigration policy, why won’t that sweep them to victory?

It seems to me that no matter what policy the Democrats make the mistake of announcing, it’s not enough to propel them to victory. I wonder why that is. So now they need a slogan. That’s it. They need a slogan, just like Trump has “Make America Great Again,” they need a slogan. This is like every cell phone manufacturer out there copying Apple. So now the Democrats are gonna copy Trump, but they’re gonna do it smarter, and they’re gonna do it better.

Slogan - People - People

You know what their slogan is? “For the People.” “For the People.” You know...
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