• Of the 10.7 million African Slaves ever shipped to the New World only 388k went to America. That's only 3.6%

    So I guess only 3.6% of black lives matter in the new world.  ;)
  • Kasich predicts Trump will sweep Super Tuesday

    Washington (CNN)John Kasich predicts Donald Trump will sweep all 12 of the Super Tuesday states this week -- but the Ohio governor believes a strong showing in his home state next month will provide the boost he needs to capture the GOP nomination.

    "I think Trump's probably going to win all of them," Kasich told CNN's Jake Tapper in an interview that aired Sunday on "State of the Union." "But you keep holding your own, and we have our campaign plan. Everybody has to do it the way they want to do it."

    Kasich added, "Our campaign plan was ultimately to hold our own in some of these places, and we will, I expect,

    I attended the March for Life last week but saw nothing of the episode that seems to have come to define it in the public mind: the alleged altercation between the students from Covington Catholic High School and a Native American war veteran. Those who heard only the first draft of the story—concocted on the basis of a slickly edited video on Twitter—are left with the impression that the students wearing MAGA caps assailed this sexagenarian hero and subjected him to abuse. Those few who viewed the full video know that something close to the opposite occurred. Most of the media outlets who ran with the initial version appear to have been too busy to catch up with the correction, so the Twitter mob that sought to destroy those boys and all belonging to them—and forced an apology from the boys’ teachers and diocese before the truth emerged—got to decide the tone and meaning of the March for Life in the minds of most of those who took in anything at all about it.

    The problem indicates an absence of adulthood: Nobody is capable of summoning up the courage and authority to clap his hands and shout “Stop!” as evils are perpetrated in plain sight. Of course, the episode also confirms something we ought to have absorbed years ago: that Twitter is a vile, decivilizing instrument. In the not too distant future, should there be any sane and sentient adults capable of sifting through the ashes of the one-time Christian West, they will almost certainly conclude that it was Twitter, the generator of vile and hateful mobs, wot dunnit. Yet we watch with no more than a shrug as each new low finds its place at the bottom.

    Ireland - Abortion - Days - Year

    Coming from Ireland (where abortion was declared legal just days beforehand, following last year’s...

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